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Stock 170486
Year 2016
VIN 3FA6P************
Body Type
Mileage Not Available

Part Description Price
A/C /Heater AssyEG9Z19B555D, Auto A/C332.02
A/C Blower MotorWHITE EXT,01/16N/A
A/C CompressorDG9Z19703L, 2.0L Turbo, 2.5L Eng304.04
A/C Condenser2.0L, VIN 9 (8th digit, turbo),WHITE EXN/A
ABS ActuatorEG9Z2C215A164.03
ABS Control UnitEG9Z2C219L, w/Auto Start/Stop107.49
Air Bagfront, driver, wheel,WHITE EXT,01/16N/A
Alloy WheelGS7Z1007A, Style 2, Black498.91
Alloy WheelGS7Z1007A, Style 2, Black498.91
Alloy WheelGS7Z1007A, Style 2, Black498.91
Alternator AssyFJ7Z10346A, Heated Driver Seat, w/Power Outlet253.50
Axle Shaft Assy, LeftHG9Z4K138A104.38
Axle Shaft Assy, RightHG9Z4K138A104.38
Axle Shaft, RightHG9Z3B436D, 2.0L Turbo Eng, FWD129.38
Back Window GlassDS7Z5442006C, Ford, Flatrock Plant305.61
Battery Cable SetDG9Z14300C, 2.0L Turbo Eng214.21
Brake Master Cylinder2.0L, VIN 9 (8th digit, turbo),WHITE EXN/A
Center Consolefloor, (AT), ambient interior lighting,N/A
Center Panel TrimDS7Z54042C74AC, SE Model136.29
ClockspringEG9Z14A664A, Heated Strg Wheel96.28
Combination Lamp, LeftDS7Z13405H, S, SE Model104.60
Combination Lamp, RightDS7Z13404H, S, SE Model106.40
Combination Switch AssyEG9Z3F791BH, Heated Strg Wheel, w/Rain Sensing Wipers, w/o Push Button Start85.20
Console ArmrestDS7Z5406024AB, S, SE Model85.72
Console Center PanelDS7Z54044D90SA, Flatrock Plant269.99
Cooling Fan ModuleDG9Z8C607D172.57
Cooling Fan MotorFan Assembly, 2.0L, VIN 9 (8th digit, tN/A
Cooling Radiator2.0L, VIN 9 (8th digit, turbo),WHITE EXN/A
Cowl Grille AssyDS7Z54018A16A213.83
Cowl Top PanelDS7Z5402012A133.49
Dash CrossmemberDG9Z5810414A127.69
Dash Panel AssyFG9Z5401610A453.65
Door Glass Run, LeftDS7Z5421597B, Chrome Moulding106.22
Door Glass Run, LeftDS7Z5425767F, Chrome Moulding88.89
Door Glass Run, RightDS7Z5425766F, Chrome Moulding88.89
Door Glass Run, RightDS7Z5421596B, Chrome Moulding106.22
Door Opening Panel, LeftHS7Z54211A11A310.13
Door Opening Panel, RightHS7Z54211A10A310.13
Door Trim Panel Assy, LeftDS7Z5423943AA, SE Model422.50
Door Trim Panel Assy, LeftDS7Z5427407AB, SE Model393.32
Door Trim Panel Assy, RightDS7Z5427406AB, SE Model389.87
Door Trim Panel Assy, RightDS7Z5423942AA, SE Model422.44
Drain Trough, LeftDS7Z5445115B78.79
Drain Trough, RightDS7Z5445114B80.68
Driver Air Bag ModuleDS7Z78043B13AC273.81
Driver Knee Air Bag ModuleDG9Z54045J77BB194.06
Energy AbsorberDS7Z17E855G105.30
Eng Compartment HarnessGG9Z14290A, 2.0L Turbo Eng339.25
Engine Control ModuleDG1Z12A650ABNP466.32
Front (HSS) CrossmemberDG9Z5410692A131.09
Front Carpet AssyDS7Z5411454AD161.96
Front Door Electrical Switch PanelDriver's, lock, memory driver seat,WHIT95.00
Front Door Glass, LeftFS7Z5421411A, Ford270.65
Front Door Glass, RightFS7Z5421410A, Ford270.65
Front Door Opening (On Body) Weatherstrip, LeftGS7Z5420709A88.69
Front Door Opening (On Body) Weatherstrip, RightGS7Z5420708A88.69
Front Door Outside MirrorPower, (removable painted cover), blindN/A
Front Door Shell Assy, LeftDS7Z5420125A537.37
Front Door Shell Assy, RightDS7Z5420124A529.61
Front Floor (Steel/HSS/UHSS) Pan AssyDG9Z5411135D, FWD462.33
Front Knuckle, RightDG9Z3K185B66.14
Fuel Filler Housing, LeftDG9Z5427936C65.63
Fuel Pump AssyDG9Z9H307Y, 1.5L Turbo, 1.6L Turbo, 2.0L Turbo Eng82.17
Fuel TankEG9Z9002G171.32
Fuel TankSE, 2.0L (EcoBoost), FWD,WHITE EXT,01/1495.00
Fuel Tank PumpPump Assembly, 2.0L, VIN 9 (8th digit,175.00
Fuel Tank ShieldDG9Z9B007F89.39
Fuse Box AssyDG9Z14A068DA130.41
Glove Box AssyDS7Z5406010AB, SE Model206.17
Glove Box Compartment AssyDS7Z9913594AA, S, SE Model98.07
Glove Box DoorDS7Z5406024AK, SE Model258.44
Headliner AssyFS7Z5451916RF, w/o Sunroof, Flatrock Plant346.07
Headrest CoverDS7Z54611A08AG, Cloth93.96
Headrest CoverDS7Z54611A08AG, Cloth93.96
Heater CoreDG9Z18476A68.98
High Mount Stop LampDS7Z13A613C104.60
Hinge Pillar (HSS) Reinforcement, LeftDS7Z5402543A163.80
Hinge Pillar (HSS) Reinforcement, RightDS7Z5402542A163.80
Impact BarDG9Z17906A140.03
Inner Belt (On Door) Weatherstrip, LeftDS7Z5425861B125.01
Inner Belt (On Door) Weatherstrip, RightDS7Z5425860B125.01
Inner Center Pillar (UHSS) Panel, LeftDS7Z5424301A289.85
Inner Center Pillar (UHSS) Panel, RightDS7Z5424300A289.85
Inner Door Opening (HSS/UHSS) Panel Assy, LeftDS7Z5424301E738.22
Inner Door Opening (HSS/UHSS) Panel Assy, RightDS7Z5424300D739.44
Inner Front Pillar (HSS) Panel, LeftDS7Z5402509C73.82
Inner Front Pillar (HSS) Panel, RightDS7Z5402508C73.82
Inner Headrest CoverDS7Z54611A08BN, Cloth178.35
Inner Insulator AssyDS7Z5401670A, Auto Trans242.13
Inner Quarter Panel Assy, LeftGS7Z5427865A455.26
Inner Quarter Panel Assy, RightGS7Z5427864A381.40
Inner Rocker (HSS) Panel, LeftDG9Z5410111A193.10
Inner Rocker (HSS) Panel, RightHG9Z5410110A254.33
Inside Door Handle Assy, LeftDS7Z54239A01BA, SE Model165.61
Inside Door Handle Assy, LeftDS7Z54275A37GA, SE Model164.24
Inside Door Handle Assy, RightDS7Z54275A36GA, SE Model164.31
Inside Door Handle Assy, RightDS7Z54239A00BA, SE Model159.25
Instrument Cluster AssyDS7Z10849GA, w/Message Center460.83
Instrument Cluster BezelDS7Z54044D70BC, S, SE Model, w/Message Center173.91
Instrument Information CenterFront, display, 8', ID DS7T-18B955-FA,WN/A
Instrument Panelconventional ignition, adaptive cruiseN/A
Instrument PanelDS7Z5404320DB, SE Model, w/o Push Button Start, w/Adaptive Cruise Control1,324.20
Instrument Panel Entertainment Systemreceiver, AM-FM-CD-MP3 (single disc), sN/A
Instrument Panel Speedometer Head(cluster), KPH, ID GS7T-10849-BA,WHITEN/A
Lap Belt Assy, LeftDP5Z54611B69BG, Black, Ceramic, Earth153.91
Lower Air DeflectorDS7Z8349B74.18
Lower Bumper ValanceDS7Z17810DAPTM, Paint to Match, Dual Exhaust221.70
Lower Center Pillar Trim Panel Assy, LeftDS7Z5424347AB82.47
Lower Center Pillar Trim Panel Assy, RightDS7Z5424346AB88.32
Lower Control Arm, LeftDG9Z5500C188.47
Lower Control Arm, RightDG9Z5500B188.47
Lower Dash InsulatorDS7Z5401492A, 1.5L Turbo, 1.6L Turbo, 2.0L Turbo Eng89.99
Lower Insert, LeftDS7Z17F827D, Dual Exhaust160.68
Lower Insert, RightDS7Z17F827C, Dual Exhaust160.68
Lower Instrument Panel CoverES7Z5404459EB, Flatrock Plant72.44
Lower Quarter Trim Panel Assy, RightDS7Z7831012AD, Flatrock Plant90.19
Main Wiring HarnessGG9Z14A005R431.91
Mirror Glass, LeftDS7Z17K707G, w/o BLIS, Electrochromic, w/Puddle Lamp227.91
Mirror Glass, RightDS7Z17K707B, w/o BLIS, Electrochromic, w/Puddle Lamp76.30
Misc ABS Brake PartsAssembly, 2.0L, VIN 9 (8th digit, turboN/A
Oil Cooler Tube SetDG9Z7R081H, 1.6L Turbo, 2.0L Turbo Eng69.34
Outer Belt Moulding, LeftDS7Z5421453A70.19
Outer Belt Moulding, RightDS7Z5421452A69.56
Outer Headrest Cover, LeftDS7Z54611A08BK, Cloth178.35
Outer Headrest Cover, RightDS7Z54611A08BK, Cloth178.35
Outer Headrest, LeftDU5Z54611A08A141.34
Outer Headrest, RightDU5Z54611A08A141.34
Outer Quarter Panel, LeftHS7Z5427841A606.06
Outer Quarter Panel, RightHS7Z5427840A606.06
Overhead ConsoleDS7Z54519A70EC, w/o Sunroof, w/Sync System219.17
Package TrayDS7Z5446506B71.73
Package Tray Trim Panel AssyDS7Z5446668BH, S, SE Model, Flatrock Plant344.63
Parking Brake Motor Assy, LeftDG9Z2B713A80.47
Parking Brake Motor Assy, RightDG9Z2B712A80.47
Pass Knee Air Bag ModuleDG9Z54045J76BB, From 6-17-15212.67
Passenger Air Bag ModuleES7Z54044A74A364.38
Quarter Glass, LeftDS7Z5429711A, Ford, Chrome Moulding216.05
Quarter Glass, RightDS7Z5429710A, Ford, Chrome Moulding218.12
Rear (HSS) Sidemember Assy, LeftDG9Z5410127E163.07
Rear (HSS) Sidemember Assy, RightDG9Z5410126E163.07
Rear (Steel/HSS/UHSS) Floor AssyDG9Z5411215A, Flatrock Plant1,259.02
Rear Body PanelDS7Z5440320B84.71
Rear Bumper CoverDS7Z17K835CAPTM, w/Rear Object Sensors, w/Active Park Assist489.24
Rear CrossmemberHG9Z5035A, FWD627.19
Rear Differential AssyS150D595.31
Rear Door Glass, LeftDS7Z5425713A, Ford184.03
Rear Door Glass, RightDS7Z5425712A, Ford188.29
Rear Door Latch, LeftAE8Z5426413A89.13
Rear Door Latch, RightAE8Z5426412A91.96
Rear Door Opening (On Body) Weatherstrip, LeftGS7Z54253A10A83.12
Rear Door Opening (On Body) Weatherstrip, RightGS7Z54253A10A83.12
Rear Door Shell Assy, LeftDS7Z5424631A521.93
Rear Door Shell Assy, RightDS7Z5424630A530.63
Rear Hub Assy, RightDG9Z1104F, FWD69.13
Rear Knuckle, LeftDG9Z5B759B198.12
Rear Knuckle, RightDG9Z5B758B198.12
Rear Lamp Composite Taillamp, Leftlid mounted, SE, LH,WHITE EXT,01/16N/A
Rear Lamp Composite Taillamp, Rightlid mounted, SE, RH,WHITE EXT,01/16N/A
Rear Muffler AssyDG9Z5230A, FWD314.70
Rear Muffler AssyDG9Z5230B, AWD309.34
Rear Seat (UHSS) Crossmember, LeftDG9Z5410777A68.02
Rear Seat (UHSS) Crossmember, RightDG9Z5410776A67.09
Rear Seat Armrest AssyDS7Z5467112FC, Cloth, Ecocloth161.06
Rear Suspension Beam 2WDWHITE EXT,01/16N/A
Rear View Mirror Assy, LeftDS7Z17683LAPTM, w/o BLIS, Electrochromic, w/Signal Lamp635.41
Rear View Mirror Assy, RightDS7Z17682LAPTM, w/o BLIS, Electrochromic, w/Signal Lamp354.80
Rocker Moulding, LeftDS7Z5410177A, Paint to Match152.05
Rocker Moulding, RightDS7Z5410176A, Paint to Match152.05
Roof PanelGS7Z5450202A, w/o Sunroof405.68
Seat Air Bag ModuleDG9Z54611D11AC, Driver Side, Black, Earth179.97
Seat Air Bag ModuleDG9Z54611D10AC, Passenger Side, Black, Earth178.62
Seat Back CoverDS7Z5464416AC, SE Model, Cloth398.60
Seat Back CoverDS7Z5464417AC, SE Model, Cloth116.82
Seat Back Cover, LeftDS7Z5466601BC, SE Model, Cloth, w/Armrest319.04
Seat Back Cover, RightDS7Z5466600AC, SE Model, Cloth, w/Armrest319.04
Seat Back FrameCJ5Z7861019B, Pwr Seat, w/Memory258.38
Seat Back FrameCJ5Z7861019A225.27
Seat Back Frame, LeftDU5Z96613A39A147.11
Seat Back Frame, RightDU5Z96613A38D173.69
Seat Back PadES7Z5464810G, Heated/Cooled156.44
Seat Back PadES7Z5464811G, Heated/Cooled145.39
Seat Back Pad, LeftDS7Z5466801L, w/Armrest, SE Model262.31
Seat Back Pad, RightDS7Z5466800E, w/Armrest, SE Model162.42
Seat Back PanelDS7Z5460762A74.57
Seat Belt Assy, LeftDG9Z54611B09AE, Black, Ceramic, Earth177.82
Seat Belt Assy, RightDG9Z54611B08AF, Black, Ceramic, Earth208.18
Seat Belt Buckle AssyDG9Z5460044AL, Black, Ceramic, Earth118.93
Seat Belt Buckle Assy, LeftDG9Z5461203AB, SE Model, Black69.00
Seat Belt Buckle Assy, RightDG9Z5461202AB, SE Model, Black118.51
Seat Cushion CoverDS7Z5462901AC, SE Model, Cloth71.63
Seat Cushion CoverDS7Z5463804AC, SE Model, Cloth299.27
Seat Cushion CoverDS7Z5462900AC, SE Model, Cloth262.37
Seat Cushion PadDS7Z54632A22D, Passenger Side, Pwr Seat, Sport, Heated/Cooled886.52
Seat Cushion PadDS7Z5463840F, S, SE Model218.09
Seat Cushion PadES7Z54632A23K, Heated/Cooled129.06
Shift Opening BezelDS7Z54045A76DA, w/Sync System, Auto Trans74.24
Side Air Vent Bezel, RightDS7Z5404338NA, SE Model, Flatrock Plant86.53
Side Console Trim Panel Assy, LeftFS7Z5404609AB, From 7-17-15124.72
Side Console Trim Panel Assy, RightFS7Z5404608AD, From 7-17-15131.51
Side Curtain Air Bag Module, LeftDS7Z54042D95C319.27
Side Curtain Air Bag Module, RightDS7Z54042D94H311.99
Side Roof (UHSS) Rail, LeftDS7Z5451187A410.90
Side Roof (UHSS) Rail, RightDS7Z5451186A418.74
Side Seat Belt Air Bag Module Assy, LeftDP5Z54611B69AE, Black, Ceramic, Earth196.77
Side Seat Belt Air Bag Module Assy, RightDP5Z54611B68AE, Black, Ceramic, Earth195.68
Side Seat Belt Assy, LeftFG9Z54611B68AJ, Black, Ceramic, Earth71.11
Side Seat Belt Assy, RightFG9Z54611B68AJ, Black, Ceramic, Earth71.11
Side Trim Panel, LeftDS7Z5445423AA144.22
Side Trim Panel, RightDS7Z5445422AA152.89
Signal Lamp, LeftDS7Z13B375A76.30
Signal Lamp, RightDS7Z13B374A76.30
StarterFJ5Z11002A, 2.0L Turbo, 2.5L Eng110.70
Steering ColumnFloor Shift, keyless ignition (push butN/A
Steering Column WheelWHITE EXT,01/16,BLACK INTN/A
Steering WheelES7Z3600VA, Heated, w/Shift Paddles122.02
Sun Visor, LeftFS7Z5404105DB, w/o Sunroof, w/o GDO77.10
Sun Visor, RightFS7Z5404104FB, w/o Sunroof, w/o GDO77.79
Transmission Floor Shift AssemblyWHITE EXT,01/16,AUTO TRANSN/A
Upper Dash InsulatorDS7Z5401588A83.64
Vent Glass/Frame, LeftGS7Z5421401A, Ford235.81
Vent Glass/Frame, RightGS7Z5421400A, Ford237.37
Voltage ConverterDS7Z19G317D, w/Power Outlet132.68
Washer ReservoirDP5Z17618A72.00
Wheelhouse Liner, RightDS7Z58278B50A66.70
Windshield GlassDS7Z5403100B, Ford, w/Rain Sensor214.97
Windshield Interior Sun Visor, Left(illuminated), w/o sunroof; LH,WHITE EXN/A
Windshield Interior Sun Visor, Right(illuminated), w/o sunroof; RH,WHITE EXN/A
Wiper Motor, LeftDS7Z17508A, From 6-9-1584.37