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Stock 171183
Year 2013
VIN 1FAHP************
Body Type
Mileage Not Available

Part Description Price
A/C Blower MotorGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
A/C CompressorGRAY EXT,08/12,3.5LN/A
A/C CompressorDA8Z 19703 B, 3.5L, 3.5L Turbo, 3.7L Eng, To 1-14-13456.08
A/C Heater AssemblyGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
ABS Actuator AssyFG1Z 2C405 A365.94
ABS Control UnitDG1Z 2C219 B212.13
Air BagGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Air BagGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Air BagGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Air Cleaner Body AssyAA5Z 9A600 B123.73
Air Plenum BoxCG1Z 18471 A88.95
Air TubeAA5Z 9R530 C189.42
AlternatorGB5Z 10346 C, 3.5L, 3.5L Turbo, 3.7L Eng467.06
Armour Panel Assy, LeftEG1Z 54201B69 A, Standard2,775.65
Armour Panel Assy, RightEG1Z 54201B68 A, Standard2,775.65
Auxiliary Jack8L8Z 19A164 A87.22
Back GlassCG1Z 5442006 B, Ford368.71
Blower FanDG1Z 19805 D85.27
Body Complete Frame OffGRAY EXT,4DR,08/12,BLACK INT,HAS KEY,3.N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Brake ABS Power BoosterGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Brake Booster AssyDG1Z 2005 D104.53
Brake Master CylinderGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Brake Master Cylinder AssyDG1Z 2140 B87.05
Center ConsoleGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Center ConsoleGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Center Pillar (UHSS) Reinf, LeftDG1Z 5424301 B176.18
Center Pillar (UHSS) Reinf, RightDG1Z 5424300 B178.67
Center RetainerDG1Z 54044G02 A120.46
Combination Lamp, LeftDG1Z 13405 CC, w/o Wig-Wag Lamp169.94
Combination Lamp, RightDG1Z 13404 CC, w/o Wig-Wag Lamp169.94
Combination Switch AssyEG1Z 3F791 BA159.01
Compartment Tray AssyDG1Z 54115A00 A1,637.81
Console Box AssyDG1Z 5406010 DA500.37
Console LidAG1Z 5406024 AA309.84
Console SupportDG1Z 54045B30 CA307.37
Cowl Grille AssyDG1Z 5402228 B152.95
Cowl Panel ExtensionDG1Z 54021A36 A150.98
Cowl Top PanelDG1Z 5402010 A274.63
Cup Holder AssyAG1Z 5413562 AB121.58
Dash PanelBG1Z 5401610 A295.93
Defroster GrilleBG1Z 54044E82 AA115.95
Differential Carrier AssemblyGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Differential Carrier AssemblyGRAY EXT,08/12 check ratioN/A
Door (On Door) Weatherstrip, LeftAG1Z 5425325 A130.60
Door (On Door) Weatherstrip, LeftAG1Z 5420531 B121.58
Door (On Door) Weatherstrip, RightAG1Z 5420530 B93.57
Door Latch Assy, LeftDG1Z 5426413 A127.71
Door Latch Assy, RightDG1Z 5426412 A127.71
Door Latch, LeftDG1Z 5421813 A123.53
Door Latch, RightDG1Z 5421812 C121.10
Door Lock Cylinder, Left8S4Z 5421990 A92.41
Door Lock Cylinder, Right8S4Z 5421990 A92.41
Door Moulding, LeftAG1Z 5425557 AA68.02
Door Moulding, RightAG1Z 5425556 AA68.02
Door Opening Frame Assy, LeftAG1Z 54211A11 A498.88
Door Opening Frame Assy, RightAG1Z 54211A10 A498.88
Door Shell Assy, LeftBG1Z 5424631 A845.78
Door Shell Assy, RightBG1Z 5424630 A845.91
Door Shell Assy, RightAG1Z 5420124 B875.06
Door Speaker, LeftDG1Z 18808 A130.38
Door Speaker, RightDG1Z 18808 B130.38
Door Trim Panel Assy, LeftDG1Z 5423943 EB751.48
Door Trim Panel Assy, LeftDG1Z 5427407 DB430.77
Door Trim Panel Assy, RightDG1Z 5427406 DB471.79
Door Trim Panel Assy, RightDG1Z 5423942 EB754.53
Door Wiring Harness, LeftDG1Z 14631 AA66.11
Drain Trough, LeftAG1Z 5445115 A97.36
Drain Trough, RightAG1Z 5445114 A97.36
Electrical Starter MotorGRAY EXT,08/12,3.5L85.00
Electronic Control UnitDG1Z 12B577 A1,142.93
Emergency Lamp, RightDG1Z 15442 E, Right, Red186.80
Energy AbsorberDG1Z 17787 A165.02
Engine CompleteGRAY EXT,08/12,3.5LN/A
Engine Control ModuleDA8Z 12A650 AANP, 3.5L Turbo Eng313.75
Engine Ignition ComputerGRAY EXT,08/12,3.5L,AUTO TRANS,CHECK IDN/A
Evaporator Case AssyDG1Z 19850 B102.23
Fan Control9L3Z 19E624 B99.85
Finish PanelDG1Z 54045A76 FA143.47
Floor (HSS) ReinforcementDG1Z 9B007 E, Front143.54
Floor (HSS) ReinforcementDG1Z 9B007 D, Rear224.71
Floor (HSS) Reinforcement, LeftDG1Z 9B007 C, Side203.86
Floor (HSS) Reinforcement, RightDG1Z 9B007 B, Side203.86
Floor Pan AssyBB5Z 7811135 A574.68
Front (HSS) Crossmember8A5Z 5410716 A247.52
Front Axle, LeftDG1Z 3B437 F, 3.5L, 3.5L Turbo, 3.7L Eng121.94
Front Axle, RightDG1Z 3B436 E, 3.5L, 3.5L Turbo, 3.7L Eng120.41
Front Carpet, LeftDG1Z 5413001 HA, w/Full Console876.84
Front Carpet, RightDG1Z 5413000 HA, w/Full Console876.84
Front Console Panel AssyDG1Z 5404608 JA196.51
Front Door Electrical Switch PanelGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Front Door Glass, LeftAG1Z 5421411 B, Ford192.39
Front Door Glass, RightAG1Z 5421410 B, Ford238.41
Front Door Opng (On Body) W/Strip, LeftAG1Z 5420708 AA90.74
Front Door Opng (On Body) W/Strip, RightAG1Z 5420708 AA90.74
Front Door Outside Mirror, RightRH,GRAY EXT,08/12 cover broke,CHECK 1STN/A
Front Door Trim PanelLH,GRAY EXT,08/12 blk policeN/A
Front Door Trim PanelRH,GRAY EXT,08/12 blk policeN/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), LeftLH,GRAY EXT,08/12,AWDN/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), LeftLH,GRAY EXT,08/12,AWDN/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), RightRH,GRAY EXT,08/12,AWDN/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), RightRH,GRAY EXT,08/12,AWDN/A
Front Hanger BracketDG1Z 5410692 A119.61
Front Hub Assy, LeftDE9Z 1104 D166.55
Front Hub Assy, RightDE9Z 1104 D166.55
Front Knuckle, LeftDE9Z 3K186 B126.10
Front Knuckle, RightDE9Z 3K185 B126.10
Front Lower Pillar, LeftBG1Z 5402543 A104.60
Front Lower Pillar, RightBG1Z 5402542 A106.08
Front Rocker Moulding, LeftBG1Z 5410177 BA122.48
Front Rocker Moulding, RightBG1Z 5410176 BA125.69
Front Roof (HSS) ReinfAG1Z 5451269 A80.57
Front Scuff Plate Assy, LeftDG1Z 5413209 AB77.46
Front Scuff Plate Assy, RightDG1Z 5413208 AB77.46
Front Strut, LeftDG1Z 18124 U95.54
Front Strut, RightDG1Z 18124 W95.54
Front Upper (HSS) Pillar, LeftAG1Z 5402509 A98.59
Front Upper (HSS) Pillar, RightAG1Z 5402508 A103.37
Front Wheel Opening Mldg, LeftAG1Z 5429077 AB121.89
Front Wheel Opening Mldg, RightAG1Z 5429076 AB121.80
Fuel Filler Door, RightAG1Z 54405A26 AAPTM66.48
Fuel Filler PipeDG1Z 9034 F, 3.5L Turbo Eng70.97
Fuel Pump AssyDA5Z 9H307 F, 3.5L Turbo Eng71.29
Fuel Sender AssyDG1Z 9275 A67.15
Fuel TankDG1Z 9002 A926.85
Fuel TankGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Glass Run, LeftAG1Z 5421597 C122.54
Glass Run, RightAG1Z 5421596 C122.41
Glove Box AssyDG1Z 54060T10 BA169.10
Glove Box Lock8A8Z 6306072 AB74.54
HeadlinerDG1Z 5451916 CD, w/o Sync System1,748.45
HeadrestCB5Z 78610A60 A124.78
Headrest CoverDG1Z 54610A62 PA125.81
High Mount LampCG1Z 13A613 B, From 5-8-12122.41
Ign Lock CylinderAU5Z 11582 B87.01
Ignition SwitchDG9Z 11572 A67.48
Impact (UHSS) BarBG1Z 17906 A226.64
Inner Center (UHSS) Pillar, LeftDG1Z 5424383 A232.88
Inner Center (UHSS) Pillar, RightAG1Z 5424382 A302.79
Inner Dash Insulator8A5Z 5401670 A299.18
Inner Rocker (HSS) Panel, Left8G1Z 5410143 A151.11
Inner Rocker (HSS) Panel, Right8G1Z 5410142 A172.98
Inner Wheelhouse Panel Assy, LeftDG1Z 5427791 A373.74
Inner Wheelhouse Panel Assy, RightDG1Z 5427790 A378.32
Inst Cluster BezelDG1Z 54044D70 DA273.05
Inst Panel CrossmemberDG1Z 5404545 A512.72
Inst Panel SealAG1Z 19B822 A150.01
Instrument Cluster AssyDG1Z 10849 GA351.18
Instrument Cluster BezelGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Instrument PanelGRAY EXT,08/12,BLACK INTN/A
Instrument Panel AssyDG1Z 5404320 BA1,504.18
Instrument Panel Entertainment SystemGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Instrument Panel Entertainment SystemGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Instrument Panel Entertainment SystemGRAY EXT,08/12,CHECK IDN/A
Instrument Panel Glove BoxGRAY EXT,08/12,BLACK INTN/A
Instrument Panel HarnessDG1Z 14401 CA296.61
Instrument Panel Speedometer HeadGRAY EXT,08/12,CHECK IDN/A
Instrument Tray AssyDG1Z 5406202 AA125.00
Interface ModuleDG1Z 14D212 AA349.52
Lamp Bracket, LeftDG1Z 13A416 A70.07
Lamp Bracket, RightDG1Z 13A416 A70.07
Lamp Mounting BracketDG1Z 13N364 A125.66
Liftgate Latches And LocksGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Liftgate Latches And LocksGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Liftgate, Decklid, or TailgateGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Lock Cylinder, LeftDG1Z 1386 A106.57
Lock Rod Assy, LeftDG1Z 54264C09 A274.50
Lock Rod Assy, RightDG1Z 54264C08 A274.50
Lower (HSS) Sidemember Assy, Left8A5Z 5410457 A357.63
Lower (HSS) Sidemember Assy, Right8A5Z 5410456 A362.13
Lower (On Door) W/Strip, LeftAG1Z 5425324 B99.68
Lower (On Door) W/Strip, RightAG1Z 5425324 B99.68
Lower Center PanelDG1Z 5404644 AA207.03
Lower Center Pillar Trim Panel Assy, LeftDG1Z 5424357 AB104.88
Lower Center Pillar Trim Panel Assy, RightDG1Z 5424356 AB177.45
Lower Column ShaftBE9Z 3B676 B373.34
Lower Control Arm Assy, Left8A8Z 5A649 C230.29
Lower Control Arm Assy, Right8A8Z 5A649 C230.29
Lower Control Arm, LeftFA5Z 3079 A112.45
Lower Control Arm, RightFA5Z 3078 A112.45
Lower CoverHG1Z 5404459 BA116.61
Lower Door Moulding, LeftAG1Z 5420879 AA83.72
Lower Door Moulding, RightAG1Z 5420878 AA83.72
Lower Trim Panel, RightAG1Z 5404608 AN98.49
Luggage LidDG1Z 5440110 A765.39
Luggage Lid (On Body) W/StripAG1Z 5443720 A98.20
Luggage Lid Hinge, LeftDG1Z 5442701 A73.56
Luggage Lid Hinge, RightDG1Z 5442700 A73.56
Luggage Lid Latch AssyDG1Z 5443200 A131.24
Luggage Lid Lock Cylinder6R3Z 6343262 B140.45
Luggage Lid MouldingDG1Z 5441018 AA, w/o Rear View Camera369.73
Main Wiring HarnessDG1Z 14A005 APA668.63
Mirror Glass, LeftCG1Z 17K707 AB, w/o BLIS112.85
Mirror Glass, RightCG1Z 17K707 AA, w/o BLIS99.05
Misc ABS Brake PartsGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Multi-Function Switch, LeftBT4Z 9C888 AB, w/o Sync System92.50
Outer Belt Moulding, LeftAG1Z 5421453 A100.65
Outer Belt Moulding, LeftAG1Z 5425597 A97.75
Outer Belt Moulding, RightAG1Z 5425596 A99.53
Outer Belt Moulding, RightAG1Z 5421452 A100.65
Outer Dash InsulatorFB5Z 7401588 A130.50
Outer Quarter Panel Assy, LeftAG1Z 5427841 A1,266.19
Outer Quarter Panel Assy, RightAG1Z 5427840 A1,350.62
Overhead Console AssyBB5Z 78519A70 BA145.06
Package Tray PanelDG1Z 5446506 A242.27
Package Tray Support, LeftAG1Z 5446813 A181.66
Package Tray Support, RightDG1Z 5446812 A230.34
Package Tray Trim Panel AssyDG1Z 5446668 FB126.05
Panel Reinforcement, LeftAG1Z 1540381 A67.19
Panel Reinforcement, LeftDG1Z 5420245 A69.30
Panel Reinforcement, RightDG1Z 5420244 A69.30
Panel Reinforcement, RightAG1Z 1540380 A68.33
Quarter Panel Moulding, LeftAG1Z 5428167 A75.19
Quarter Panel Moulding, RightAG1Z 5428166 A75.19
Quarter Panel, LeftLH,GRAY EXT,4DR,08/12 rear clip?N/A
Quarter Panel, RightRH,GRAY EXT,4DR,08/12N/A
Rear Axle Assy, Left8A8Z 4K139 A245.85
Rear Axle Assy, Right8A8Z 4K138 A245.85
Rear Body PanelAG1Z 5440320 A161.21
Rear Bumper CoverDG1Z 17K835 AAPTM, w/o Rear Object Sensors445.35
Rear Console PanelDG1Z 54045A36 AA115.58
Rear Crossmember, LeftAG1Z 5410673 A105.44
Rear Crossmember, RightAG1Z 5410672 A99.74
Rear Differential AssyGB5P 4000 AB922.76
Rear Door (Side, behind Front Door), LeftLH,GRAY EXT,08/12,PWR WND,PWR LOCK poliN/A
Rear Door Glass, LeftAG1Z 5425713 A, Ford179.92
Rear Door Glass, RightAG1Z 5425712 A, Ford180.11
Rear Door Opng (On Body) W/Strip, LeftAG1Z 54253A10 AA97.84
Rear Door Opng (On Body) W/Strip, RightAG1Z 54253A10 AA97.84
Rear Door Trim PanelLH,GRAY EXT,08/12 blk policeN/A
Rear Door Trim PanelRH,GRAY EXT,08/12 blk policeN/A
Rear Floor AssyDG1Z 5411215 A1,887.10
Rear Floor CoverDG1Z 5413182 HA, Carpet, From 4-2-12145.25
Rear Floor Pan8A5Z 5411215 BA281.05
Rear Hub Assy, LeftBT4Z 1104 B218.66
Rear Hub Assy, RightBT4Z 1104 B218.66
Rear Knuckle, LeftAG1Z 5B759 B377.60
Rear Knuckle, RightAG1Z 5B758 B374.22
Rear Lamp Composite Taillamp, LeftLH,GRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Rear Lamp Composite Taillamp, LeftLH,GRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Rear Lamp Composite Taillamp, LeftLH,GRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Rear Lamp Composite Taillamp, RightRH,GRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Rear Lamp Composite Taillamp, RightRH,GRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Rear Rocker Moulding, LeftBG1Z 5410177 CA112.24
Rear Rocker Moulding, RightBG1Z 5410176 CA108.00
Rear Speaker, LeftDG1Z 18808 F123.36
Rear Speaker, RightDG1Z 18808 F123.36
Rear Suspension Crossmember AssyDE9Z 5R003 C, AWD1,191.53
Rear Trim Panel AssyDG1Z 5411318 AA119.71
Rear View Mirror Assy, LeftCG1Z 17683 A, w/o BLIS253.71
Rear View Mirror Assy, RightCG1Z 17682 A, w/o BLIS271.23
Rocker Panel Reinf, LeftDG1Z 54101B05 A239.25
Rocker Panel Reinf, RightDG1Z 54101B04 A337.92
Roof Moulding, LeftEG1Z 5451729 D100.91
Roof Moulding, RightEG1Z 5451728 D98.56
Roof PanelAG1Z 5450202 A575.92
Seat Back CoverDG1Z 5466600 PA, Cloth414.75
Seat Back CoverDG1Z 5464416 PA518.18
Seat Back CoverDG1Z 5464417 PA377.44
Seat Back FrameBB5Z 7861019 B320.26
Seat Back FrameBB5Z 7861018 B, Pwr Seat429.96
Seat Back FrameDG1Z 96613A38 R337.21
Seat Back Latch Striker, LeftAG1Z 5462452 A93.46
Seat Back Latch Striker, RightAG1Z 5462452 A93.46
Seat Back PadDG1Z 5466800 A350.86
Seat Back PadDB5Z 7864811 P178.67
Seat Back PadDB5Z 7864810 P176.14
Seat BeltsGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Seat BeltsGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Seat BeltsGRAY EXT,08/12 ,CHECK 1STN/A
Seat Cushion CoverDG1Z 5462900 PA341.09
Seat Cushion CoverDG1Z 5462901 PA341.09
Seat Cushion CoverDG1Z 5463804 PA, Cloth389.06
Seat Cushion PadDG1Z 54600A88 A384.56
Seat Cushion PadDB5Z 78632A23 P148.72
Seat TrackDG1Z 9661711 E446.71
Seat TrackDG1Z 9661710 C, Pwr Seat878.72
Selector Cont ShaftDG1Z 7210 F126.10
Shift Lever AssyDG1Z 7A256 B73.58
Side (HSS) Reinf, Left8A5Z 5428409 A75.35
Side (HSS) Reinf, Right8A5Z 5428408 A73.33
Side Rocker PanelLH,GRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Side Roof (HSS) Rail, LeftAG1Z 5451187 A78.16
Side Roof (HSS) Rail, RightAG1Z 5451186 A76.15
Side Trim Panel Assy, LeftDG1Z 5445423 AA161.49
Side Trim Panel Assy, RightDG1Z 5445422 AA196.09
Stabilizer BarBB5Z 5A772 A, 3.5L Turbo Eng107.56
Stabilizer BarAA5Z 5482 C, 3.5L, 3.5L Turbo, 3.7L Eng143.46
Starter8G1Z 11002 B117.67
Steel WheelDG1Z 1015 A108.34
Steel WheelDG1Z 1015 A108.34
Steel WheelDG1Z 1015 A108.34
Steel WheelDG1Z 1015 A108.34
Steering ColumnDG1Z 3C529 T318.30
Steering Gear AssyEG1Z 3504 J, From 9-4-121,023.77
Storage BoxDG1Z 9913546 A450.74
Storage Box Assy, LeftDG1Z 5431149 AB911.98
Storage Box Door, LeftDG1Z 5411L600 AA204.62
Tank Heat ShieldDG1Z 9A032 C133.48
Tool Kit8A5Z 17080 A102.59
Transmission TransaxleGRAY EXT,08/12,3.5L,AUTO TRANS,AWD,CHECN/A
Tray Bracket, LeftDG1Z 54115A00 B1,334.71
Tray Bracket, RightDG1Z 54115A00 B1,334.71
Upper (HSS) Sidemember Assy, LeftDG1Z 5410125 A172.76
Upper (HSS) Sidemember Assy, RightDG1Z 5410124 A251.57
Upper Center Pillar Trim, LeftAG1Z 5424357 AH68.30
Upper Center Pillar Trim, RightAG1Z 5424356 AH67.70
Upper Console Bezel, LeftBG1Z 54061A17 AA170.69
Upper Console Bezel, RightBG1Z 54061A16 AA218.01
Upper Control Arm, LeftDE9Z 5500 B136.06
Upper Control Arm, RightDE9Z 5500 A136.06
Upper Door Moulding, LeftAG1Z 5425505 AA156.79
Upper Door Moulding, LeftAG1Z 54255A61 B109.14
Upper Door Moulding, LeftAG1Z 5420551 B153.76
Upper Door Moulding, LeftAG1Z 5451753 AA160.41
Upper Door Moulding, RightAG1Z 5451752 AA159.14
Upper Door Moulding, RightAG1Z 5420550 B117.99
Upper Door Moulding, RightAG1Z 54255A60 B109.14
Upper Door Moulding, RightAG1Z 5425504 AA156.70
Upper Trim Panel Assy, LeftBG1Z 5452019 AB84.31
Upper Trim Panel Assy, RightBG1Z 5452018 AB79.06
Upper Trim Panel, LeftDG1Z 5404609 AD, Front220.08
Utility TrayDG1Z 5406202 AB142.06
Vent Glass/Frame, LeftAG1Z 5425767 C, Ford299.02
Vent Glass/Frame, RightAG1Z 5425766 C, Ford299.02
Wheel Well CoverDG1Z 5445026 AA422.42
Window Regulator, Left8A5Z 5427009 B89.07
Window Regulator, Left8A5Z 5423209 B82.90
Window Regulator, Right8A5Z 5427008 B69.68
Window Switch Assy, LeftDG1Z 14525 AA83.00
Window Switch, LeftBB5Z 14529 BE65.92
Windshield Interior Sun Visor, LeftLH,GRAY EXT,08/12,BLACK INTN/A
Windshield Interior Sun Visor, RightRH,GRAY EXT,08/12,BLACK INTN/A
Windshield Wiper MotorGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Windshield Wiper TransmissionGRAY EXT,08/12N/A
Wiper LinkDG1Z 17566 A98.45
Wiper MotorDG1Z 17508 A123.05
Yaw Sensor8G1Z 3C187 A411.60