Parts - Results by Source Vehicle
Stock 171196
Year 2006
VIN 2FAHP************
Body Type
Mileage Not Available

Part Description Price
A/C Hose6W7Z 19835 BA, Condenser to Evaporator68.95
A/C Hose6W7Z 19835 AA, Evaporator to Receiver Drier151.36
ABS Control Assy6W7Z 2C286 BA, w/o Traction Control999.95
ABS Module5W7Z 2C219 AB, w/o Traction Control809.01
Air Cleaner Assy8W7Z 9600 B, Police Model465.76
Air Flow Meter Assy3W7Z 12B579 BARM, Police Model207.77
Alternator6W7Z 10346 AA, Police Model470.78
Assist Handle, Left6W7Z 5431407 AC, Rear, Black82.19
Assist Handle, Right6W7Z 5431406 BC, Front, Black83.58
Assist Handle, Right6W7Z 5431406 AC, Rear, Black82.19
Axle Housing6W1Z 4010 A740.95
Axle Shaft, Left6W1Z 4234 A, 31 Spline307.76
Axle Shaft, Right6W1Z 4234 A, 31 Spline307.76
Back Window Glass6W7Z 5442006 A, Ford251.63
Blower Motor4W7Z 19805 AA65.42
Brake ABS Electronic Control Module6W1T-13C788-BB WO-STROBE W-PIGTAILS175.00
Brake Booster7W7Z 2005 A140.76
Brake Master Cylinder Assy6W1Z 2140 BA, w/o Traction Control156.31
Bumper Reinf3W7Z 17906 AA177.37
Caliper Anchor Plate, Left6W1Z 2B582 C172.92
Caliper Anchor Plate, Right6W1Z 2B582 C172.92
Center Floor Pan3W1Z 5411160 AA292.97
Cluster Panel6W7Z 54044D70 AD, w/o Taxi Pkg, Police Model267.80
Coil Spring, Left6W7Z 5560 A201.59
Coil Spring, Right6W7Z 5560 A201.59
Combination Lamp Assy, Left1W7Z 13405 AA, Police Model610.33
Combination Lamp Assy, Right1W7Z 13404 AA, Police Model578.51
Compressor8L2Z 19703 C474.14
Compressor Clutch8L2Z 19D786 B67.08
Compressor Pulley8L2Z 19D784 B97.90
CondenserBW7Z 19712 A400.13
Control Arm Bushing, Left9W7Z 5A486 A, Hvy Duty Susp108.37
Control Arm Bushing, Right9W7Z 5A486 B, Hvy Duty Susp125.17
Cooling Fan & Shroud8W1Z 8C607 C344.51
Cowl Top Screen6W7Z 5402228 AA231.06
Dash Panel Brace, Left3W7Z 5401715 AA66.90
Dash Panel Brace, Right5W7Z 5401714 AA75.50
Defroster Opening Grille6W7Z 54044E82 BA, Police Model204.31
Door (On Door) Weatherstrip, LeftXW7Z 5425325 AA, 114" WB108.88
Door (On Door) Weatherstrip, RightXW7Z 5425324 AA, 114" WB108.88
Door ActuatorAW7Z 19E616 A, w/o ATC93.22
Door Glass, LeftF5AZ 5421411 A, Ford, Non-Laminated159.54
Door Glass, LeftF5MY 5425713 A, Ford, 114" WB, Non-Laminated157.48
Door Glass, RightF5MY 5425712 A, Ford, 114" WB, Non-Laminated152.52
Door Glass, RightF5AZ 5421410 A, Ford, Non-Laminated159.87
Door Opening Frame, Left3W7Z 54211A11 AA601.53
Door Opening Frame, Right3W7Z 54211A10 AA601.53
Door Opng (On Body) Weatherstrip, Left8W7Z 5420709 A, Front Door92.05
Door Opng (On Body) Weatherstrip, Left8W7Z 54253A10 B, Rear Door, 114" WB99.70
Door Opng (On Body) Weatherstrip, Right8W7Z 5420708 A, Front Door92.05
Door Opng (On Body) Weatherstrip, Right8W7Z 54253A10 B, Rear Door, 114" WB99.70
Door Shell Assy, Left3W7Z 5424631 AA, 114" WB1,120.33
Door Shell Assy, Left5W7Z 5420125 CA, w/o Keyless Entry2,311.92
Door Shell Assy, Right5W7Z 5420124 BA, w/o Keyless Entry2,311.92
Door Shell Assy, Right3W7Z 5424630 AA, 114" WB611.31
Door Trim Panel, Left6W7Z 5423943 FD, Black420.64
Door Trim Panel, Left6W7Z 5427407 AC, 114" WB, Base, LX Model, Black273.22
Door Trim Panel, Right6W7Z 5423942 DC, Black462.98
Door Trim Panel, Right6W7Z 5427406 AC, 114" WB, Base, LX Model, Black339.31
Evaporator Housing Assy7W7Z 19850 A, w/o ATC566.25
Fender, Left7W7Z 16006 A354.19
Fender, Right7W7Z 16005 A335.25
Fluid Reservoir Assy8W7Z 3E764 A100.80
Front Door Opng (HSS) Reinf, LeftF8AZ 5420403 AA101.02
Front Door Opng (HSS) Reinf, RightF8AZ 5420402 AA101.02
Front Fender Brace, Left3W7Z 16A023 AB152.72
Front Fender Brace, Right3W7Z 16A023 AB152.72
Front Floor Pan Assy5W7Z 5411135 A898.00
Front Header Panel3W1Z 5403408 AA69.71
Front Stabilizer Bar7W1Z 5482 D, Fleet, LX Sport Model200.83
Fuel Filler Housing, Left3W7Z 5427936 BA, w/o Remote Release74.83
Fuel Filler Pipe8W7Z 9034 B160.50
Fuel Pump Assy6W1Z 9H307 D386.67
Fuel Sender2W1Z 9275 AB, w/o Flex Fuel218.30
Fuel TankBW1Z 9002 A547.33
Glass Run, LeftF8AZ 5421597 AA167.60
Glass Run, RightF8AZ 5421596 AA153.56
Headliner8W7Z 5451916 AC, w/o Sunroof, 114" WB1,238.25
Heater Case6W7Z 18471 DA337.95
Housing Cover2L1Z 4033 CA97.26
Hub Assy, Left6W1Z 1104 A166.06
Hub Assy, Right6W1Z 1104 A166.06
Ign Control Module3U7Z 12A650 EFD, w/o Flex Fuel, Police Model, w/Eng Oil Cooler595.83
Inner Center (HSS) Pillar, Left4W1Z 5424301 AA158.02
Inner Center (HSS) Pillar, Right4W1Z 5424300 AA158.02
Inner Cowl Top Panel4W7Z 5402018 AA110.61
Inner Front (HSS) Pillar, Right1W1Z 5402508 AA111.16
Inner Quarter Panel, Left3W7Z 5427791 AA304.96
Inner Quarter Panel, Right3W7Z 5427790 AA328.41
Inner Roof Rail, Left3W7Z 5451181 AA128.44
Inner Roof Rail, Right3W7Z 5451180 AA120.37
Inner Wheelhouse, LeftF8AZ 5427887 AA121.78
Inner Wheelhouse, RightF8AZ 5427886 AA122.62
Instrument Panel6W7Z 5404320 BB, Black923.55
Instrument Panel Speedometer Head06-06 POLICE ASSY 6W73-DJ 91TH KM225.00
Latch7W7Z 5443200 A91.21
Latch, Left9W7Z 5421813 B97.78
Latch, Right9W7Z 5421812 B97.99
Lateral Link8W1Z 4264 B139.38
Lower Control Arm Assy, Left6W7Z 3079 B, From 12-6-05, Hvy Duty Susp349.59
Lower Control Arm Assy, Right6W7Z 3078 B, From 12-6-05, Hvy Duty Susp349.59
Lower Control Arm, Left8W1Z 5A649 A95.60
Lower Control Arm, Right8W1Z 5A649 A95.60
Lower Hinge, Left6W7Z 5426802 A72.36
Lower Hinge, Left6W1Z 5422810 A75.73
Lower Hinge, Right6W1Z 5422810 A75.73
Lower Hinge, Right6W7Z 5426802 A72.36
Luggage LidF8AZ 5440110 BA646.04
Luggage Lid (On Body) WeatherstripXW7Z 5443720 AA81.12
Luggage Lid Release Switch, LeftXW7Z 54432A38 AA, Base, LX Model84.83
Lwr Center Pillar Trim, Left6W7Z 5424347 AAC, Black77.56
Lwr Center Pillar Trim, Right6W7Z 5424346 AAC, Black77.46
Main Body HarnessAW7Z 14A005 AA, 114" WB717.68
Main Wiring Harness7W7Z 14290 BB, w/o Perimeter Theft Deterrent, w/o ATC846.01
Map LampF3AV 15650 AA, Police Model115.54
Mirror Glass, Left1W7Z 17K707 AB, Heated Glass96.80
Mirror Glass, Right1W7Z 17K707 AA, Heated Glass90.43
Outer Cowl Top Panel3W7Z 5402012 AA160.83
Outer Quarter Panel, Left6W7Z 5427841 A, w/o Antenna Hole3,262.99
Outer Quarter Panel, Right6W7Z 5427840 A, w/o Antenna Hole3,262.99
Outlet Tube5W7Z 9B659 BF, Police Model122.04
Outside Door Handle, Left6W7Z 5422404 DB, Black76.38
Outside Door Handle, Right6W7Z 5422405 DA, Black77.14
Package Tray Panel5W7Z 5446506 AA216.47
Package Tray Strainer6W1Z 5446610 A81.79
Package Tray Support, LeftF8AZ 5446813 AA72.51
Package Tray Support, RightF8AZ 5446812 AA69.63
Pillar (HSS) Reinf, Left5W7Z 5422843 A98.49
Pillar (HSS) Reinf, RightF8AZ 5422842 AA98.39
Pump/Gear Hose4W1Z 3A719 BA131.15
Radiator8W7Z 8005 A243.44
Radiator Support6W7Z 16138 A251.13
Rear ABS Sensor, Left8W1Z 2C190 A86.02
Rear ABS Sensor, Right8W1Z 2C190 A86.02
Rear Body Harness8W7Z 14A227 CA117.92
Rear Bumper Bracket, Left6W1Z 17788 A133.91
Rear Bumper Bracket, Right6W1Z 17787 A121.94
Rear Floor Pan Assy3W7Z 5411215 AA, w/o CNG539.73
Rear PanelF8AZ 5440320 AA190.22
Rear Panel ReinfF8AZ 5440338 AA166.45
Rear Vent Glass/Frame, LeftF4MY 5426871 A, Ford, 114" WB493.90
Rear Vent Glass/Frame, LeftDV08639GTY, NAGS, 114" WB587.15
Rear Vent Glass/Frame, RightDV08638GTY, NAGS, 114" WB587.15
Rear Vent Glass/Frame, RightF4MY 5426870 A, Ford, 114" WB472.19
Rear View Mirror Assy, Left6W7Z 17683 BA, Heated146.74
Rear View Mirror Assy, Right6W7Z 17682 BA, Heated146.74
Rear/Upper Door Mldg, Left6W7Z 54255A61 BA, 114" WB447.28
Rear/Upper Door Mldg, Right6W7Z 54255A60 BA, 114" WB213.17
Regulator Motor, Left1W7Z 5423394 BA91.62
Regulator Motor, Left1W7Z 5423395 AA67.94
Regulator Motor, Right1W7Z 5423394 AA73.90
Regulator Motor, Right1W7Z 5423395 BA99.77
Reinforcement Bar4W7Z 17757 A124.61
Roof PanelXW3Z 5450202 AA, w/o Sunroof, 114" WB570.88
Roof Panel Reinf1W7Z 5450244 BA, Police Model375.67
Shift Lever8W1Z 7210 AC, Black66.35
Side Cowl Panel, LeftF8AZ 5402039 AA111.82
Side Cowl Panel, Right1W1Z 5402038 AA94.36
Spare Wheel Mtg BracketF2AZ 5447076 A, Police Model72.13
Starter9C2Z 11002 A295.78
Steering Column7W1Z 3C529 B, Column Shift, Police Model1,418.74
Steering Gear Assy7W1Z 3504 BRM690.07
Steering Pump8W7Z 3A674 B, New167.27
Stop Lamp6W7Z 13A613 AAD, Black83.66
Upper Control Arm, Left8W1Z 5500 B87.41
Upper Control Arm, Left6W1Z 3085 B105.25
Upper Control Arm, Right6W1Z 3084 B105.25
Upper Control Arm, Right8W1Z 5500 B87.41
Upper Door Trim, LeftF2MY 5425560 D, 114" WB119.80
Upper Door Trim, RightF2MY 5425560 D, 114" WB119.80
Upper Radiator Shield3W7Z 8C291 AA70.07
Vapor Tube Assy8W1Z 9C047 A249.28
Window Regulator, Left6W7Z 5423209 AA97.66
Window Regulator, Left6W7Z 5427009 AA93.62
Window Regulator, Right6W7Z 5427008 AA90.30
Window Regulator, Right6W7Z 5423208 AA93.90
Window Switch Housing, Left6W7Z 14527 BC, Black75.24
Window Switch Housing, Right6W7Z 14528 BC, Black67.68
Window Switch, Right5L1Z 14529 BA71.59
Wiper Link6W7Z 17566 BA149.68
Wiper Motor8W7Z 17508 A142.82